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Date: 2014
Tools: JavaScript, AngularJS

In November 2014, My team won the entrepreneurial prize at the Amadeus Hack@1050 Hackathon for Vamoose—a Chrome extension that provides travel booking information based on page content. Vamoose figures out what place you’re reading about, and delivers costs for flights, hotels, and rental cars with a single click. While the functionality is simple, the hope is that a tool like this would help bridge the gap between dreaming and doing when it comes to planning travel.

For a more detailed description of Vamoose, check out this blog post from Gillian Morris, one of my teammates. Be sure to also check out Gillian’s excellent travel app Hitlist.

You can view the source for Vamoose on GitHub here. Please excuse the lack of refinement; it was a 24-hour hackathon after all.