Andrew Desautels

I’m an experienced transportation consultant at Steer, an amateur web developer, a rock climber, and a baseball junkie. My ultimate career goal is to build something cool at the intersection of transportation and technology.

I’m always looking for intellectually challenging projects, so get in touch via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn if there’s anything I can help you out with.

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I’m a seasoned transportation consultant with experience managing a number of successful projects across a variety of disciplines and modes. My expertise covers passenger rail ridership and revenue forecasting, toll road traffic and revenue forecasting, public transit master planning, airport planning, market research, and the development of custom analysis tools for both public and private sector clients. I’m particularly interested in the application of technology and market pricing to the transportation sector.

Web Projects

I’m an amateur web developer with a primary interest in interactive applications with elements of data analysis and visualization. Over the past several years, I’ve taught myself the basics of web development, and made a concerted effort to further my existing programming and data science skills. I’ve also recently gotten into voice development, and I’m very excited about the future of voice and ambient computing. Most of my development projects to date are relatively simple applications, but I’m continually working my way up to bigger and better things.


As I’ve been working on my web development and data science skills, I’ve decided to start blogging to showcase and get feedback on some of my work, and generally to express my thoughts on topics that pique my interest. In addition to presenting interesting and thought-provoking material, I’m hoping to share tips I pick up along the way that may be helpful to others learning some of the same tools and skills. Subject matter will vary widely, but you can expect to see posts on transportation, technology, programming, sports, and much more.