• A Closer Look at a Briefcase of Reese's

    In advance of March Madness, Reese's started airing a commercial featuring an animated briefcase (almost) full of peanut butter cups, with the premise that if your boss won’t let you leave work early to watch the tournament, you should bribe him/her with a briefcase of peanut butter cups. If you haven’t seen the ad, you can watch it below in all its deliciousness. As an analytically-minded person and a lover of peanut butter cups, I found that the ad left me with several unanswered questions. The results of my analysis follow.
  • My First Hackathon

    Since I started teaching myself to program, I’ve been intrigued by hackathons. I love the idea of a short intense team competition but I had stayed away, concerned my programming chops might not be up to par. Last November, I decided to bite the bullet and enter the travel-themed HACK@1050 held by Amadeus, figuring that if my programming skills weren’t sufficient, at least my domain knowledge would be useful. As it turns out, my concerns were unfounded—I met some incredibly talented people, had a great time, and was able to contribute to a prize-winning hack, which is detailed in the rest of this post.

  • Hello, World!

    This is the first post on the drewdez.com blog, where I’m planning to write every week or two on a variety of topics of interest to me, including transportation, technology, programming, sports, and much more. I’ll also be writing about some of the personal projects I’ve been working on, and trying to include some information that might be useful to anyone interested in doing similar things.

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