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Date: 2010–2012
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Client: Ann Arbor Transportation Authority
Role: Transit Needs Assessment Leader/Project Manager

While at Steer Davies Gleave, I led the needs assessment component of a Transit Master Plan (TMP) for Washtenaw County, Michigan. My primary responsibilities included analyzing data and inputs and outputs from the regional travel demand model to identify short and long-term transit needs. In addition, I played a key role in developing transit options and evaluating scenarios based on the identified needs, and was responsible for the creation of a final report as well as coordinating the needs assessment effort with the other components of the larger TMP.

Following the completion of the TMP, and its adoption by the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA), I managed multiple tasks supporting the AATA in implementing the TMP. These implementation tasks included supporting a funding task force that was enlisted to identify and evaluate funding strategies for the plan, conducting a series of stakeholder meetings throughout eight Washtenaw County districts, developing a fare and ticketing strategy, developing a strategy for provision of demand responsive service, and developing a detailed five-year plan.