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Date: 2013–2014
Location: Boston, MA
Client: Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
Role: Project Manager

While at Steer Davies Gleave, I served as project manager for the 2013 edition of the triennial Logan Airport Air Passenger Ground Access Survey. In this role, I was responsible for managing all phases of the project, including survey design, administration, analysis, and reporting.

The project was a paper-based intercept survey of approximately 9,000 departing Logan passengers carried out over a two-week period in Spring 2013, in which respondents are asked about their ground access trips to Logan airport, along with questions about their air trips and basic demographic questions. Results of the survey are used by Massport to ensure ground transportation planning efforts are aligned with the needs of airport travelers.

After leaving SDG in December 2013, I was one of the primary authors—along with Steer Davies Gleave and Mark Kiefer Consulting—of a white paper commissioned by Massport to identify airport passenger survey best practices and provide recommendations for improvements to future editions of the Logan survey. I led the research and writing of the section on technology, and played a key role in editing and ensuring consistency throughout the larger document.

Learn more about the 2013 Logan Airport Air Passenger Ground Access Survey here.